Mathewos M.

Money first before even greeting

Love A.

Wonderful Professional Lawyer.

Israt S.

She is so very much helpful 🙂

kyeong-jung K.

Best support and help with green card renewal ( 1 month ) wow

Manjit S.

She is very nice and helpful to me I want to work with her in the future

Anvarjon Y.

She's the one i saw very experienced lawyer in the Maryland.


Great Awesome Best Thank you


Amazing from beginning to end. Very thorough and strict with her asks but it's worth it. Very accessible as well.

Zaina H.

Susan is very intelligent attorney nice talk to with client she did my case very nice

Wael K.

Thanks Susan for the perfect job you did for us to complete the Green Card process for the whole family.

Yewande O.

She was so supportive, responsive, and patient all through it. I definitely recommend her.

Carlos B.

Very professional immigration attorney she work so fast ,me and my family are very thankful

Bridget H.

My husband and I enjoyed the experience very much:) Thank you, Susan!

Reham E.

Thank you Susan! She is very professional, pays very good attention to details ! Focus and ready to help ! Definitely recommend her!

Sujung H.

I could not be happier with her. I plan on using her for any other legal needs and will refer her to any friends. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

Meme M.

I recommend Suzzan Han very much She is easy to reach any time Do her job professionally Very honest and number 1 lawyer to me ... Thank you

Jay J.

Not only did they lose my case (and my home), but not a single question was answered, not a single concern was addressed, and not a single requested copy of paperwork was produced. On top of all of that, they left me threatening voice mails demanding payment after doing absolutely nothing for me or my case except collect checks.

David K.

Excellent service for my TPS application. Detail oriented!

Daniel L.

She is very friendly, caring person. I would definitely visit her office for other document work too. She is very professional and fast as well. Two thumbs up!

F W.

Susan is very nice and pleasant to work with. I had very good experience with her. I am glade she did my case for me.

Hyacinth A.

Legal consultation at its best! I had a wonderful experience. If you are looking for legal immigration service which is detailed, caring and extremely professional, the Law Office of Susan Han is the place for you!

Gustavo F.

I’m glad I contacted Susan! She is an amazing person! She is very professional, helpful, always available to answer your questions and very VERY knowledgeable. Thank you for EVERYTHING Susan.

Olivia W.

I just want to thank Susan for all her help. She’s diligent, responsive and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone seeking legal status.

A R.

Susan is a pro! She is very knowledgeable and prompt with her responses. I highly recommend her services without reservations.

Kwang Soo L.

I have received her professional service about for the green card. I have been very satisfied to her professionalism and eagerness. If someone asks me about immigration matter, I will recommend her without any hesitation.

Jon B.

Susan was wonderful! She answered all our questions and was very helpful during this whole process. She was available any time to answer our questions and was very thorough so that the process went smoothly. I would recommend her for anyone who needs help.


Mrs.Susan Han helped my family to get a green card for my wife and my daughter obtain proof of U.S citizenship.Mrs.Susan is very professional, honest and knowledgeable.Thank you so much for helping us. I highly recommend her .

Fardowsa K.

Suzi’s professional pace of work is amazing. She is super responsive to any queries and very kind and helping.

Kathleen M.

I had a great experience and very smooth process with my application with the help of Atty. Han! She was very professional and very helpful. I highly recommend her! Thank you for all your help!

Yusra A.

Susan should get an award of being the best lawyer in the US.

J A.

Amazing service very fast to respond all my work was completed within promised time. I would definitely use her services again as she made my life a lot easier. Will be recommending to friends and family. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She was always ahead of the game she knew what they will ask and was ready for. if you hire her which I hope you will whatever she ask for get them to her. 🙂


I met Susan Han in that law office and she is a person who make me live in the US. There are many talented lawyer these days but can't find good minded lawyer. She is a totally good minded lawyer ever I seen.

Bhuvaneswari K.

Miss Han was very empathetic and creative in her approach to my immigration case. She helped me build a robust supporting case and thanks to her I have been approved! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs an immigration lawyer!

Rachid A.

Susan Han is absolutely a remarkable lawyer, very reliable in everything she does, understands my case and situation very well. I am very grateful to have her excellent and professional assistance.

Martin S.

Mrs Susan Han did everything fast and helped me with application. Everything was perfect.

Salam S.

Susan she is an excellent lawyer she knows very well her job and how to handle difficulties in cases very smart . She goes above and beyond by her knowledge. I would recommend her to friends and family with out hesitation . Susan thank you for everything you are very friendly polite and humble . ( Queen susan ) ...

Amy L.

I highly recommend Ms. Han for those who need an immigration lawyer. She is caring, professional, prompt, and provides a high quality service. She was able to help me obtain my citizenship approval.

Sun L.

Susan was very helpful every step of the way! I couldn't have asked for more. She helped us answer any questions we had and was always upbeat!

Maribeth F.

Excellent Immigration Lawyer!!! Professional, friendly and direct to the point. She will give you a long lists to do. But it’s all worth the wait. Definitely recommending her to our friends and family. I’m very pleased with her service!!!

M S.

Susan is a very intelligent and consistent hard worker I've ever met. She will do her best of best for your case so you can trust her. She always thinks and acts on your side. THE BEST !!!

Suzette S.

If you are looking for a lawyer to really help you get you on the way to the Immigration. and the green card path Ms Susan Hann is the best lawyer to contact , My husband and I contacted her to help us with our immigration papers I'm telling you she got everything done fast and well few months later my husband got his green card do what she asks you you to do you won't have any problem She is very good.

Shittu A.

Susan Han was my beacon of hope at a time when my options were limited and a likelyhood of a perfect resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was she able to help me get an extension of status she also helped change it , seems very impossible yea it happened she put in both applications in August 2019 and I got both papers approved in November 2019. I am grateful to God for allowing my uncle find Susan Han ,my family and I are eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Susan Han without reservation.

Dongwoo H.

She is professional, caring, and efficient. She worked on my case as if it was her own. My green card process was held up after my interview but she new exactly what to do and with her help I received my green card after only two weeks. I recommend her to anyone needing immigration help or advice. You wont regret it.

Sata K.

Susan is the best decision you could ever make for your case. Knowledgeable, highly detail-oriented, rigorous, professional with a touch of amiability and compassion that many of us also need throughout our case. Thank you again and many blessings!

Scott B.

I would definitely recommend The Law offices Susan Han , She helped my wife's US CITIZENSHIP process with ease, my wife received her citizenship within 9 months from start to finish!! Her great reviews speaks for itself, and that's how I picked her .

Princess D.

My husband and I contacted her regarding my immigration case and she was very professional and genuine from the get go. She truly cared about our needs and did everything to keep our family together.She ensured to do things effectively and correctly and left no room for error. I truly appreciate you and your team Mrs Han...You got me my green card in just seven months. Thank you ,thank you..I am so happy right now.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Anne K.

I originally applied for a green card for my father on my own but the application was stalling. It was only when I hired Ms. Han that things began to progress smoothly and she was successful in obtaining a green card for him. She was very professional, reliable and courteous. I was impressed by her integrity and how thorough she was in covering everything. I would definitely recommend her and will use her services again in the future when needed.

Klayton C.

Susan Han is super professional and knowledgeable, she analyzed the whole situation and informed us what needed to be done in a timely manner! She is also very kind and caring, if you are looking for a trustable and experienced lawyer to represent you, I highly recommend Susan Han.

Nana W.

Susan is very knowledgeable, meticulous and honest. She is also very pleasant and always available to answer questions and address concerns. I cant thank her enough for her help! Thanks to her counsel and advice our petition was filed and approved much quicker than we thought!

Amy F.

If you need an attorney in her specialty, this is the one you want to hire. Ms. Hahn is a very capable and thorough attorney who is ultra meticulous with her work. She's very personable and caring while at the same time being upfront, honest and forthright with her clients, good news or bad. She's very ethical, there are no games and no run around, she returns calls/emails immediately and stays on top of things. This is the best immigration attorney you'll find. Highly recommended.

Aissata S.

My mom was of client of Susan Han and loved her. Lawyer Susan was attentive to my mothers case, addressed any comcerns we had, she was through with her case and was available to us at all times..She is an excellent lawyer and we recommend her for anyone needing assistance in immigration case..

Jason H.

Susan Han was extremely efficient and responsive. Her work in assisting with my grandmothers immigration and naturalization issues went beyond expectations. My family can sincerely recommends the Law Office of Susan Han for any and all immigration needs!

N W.

Ms Han was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was very thorough and would not accept anything less than what was required for the application. She was extremely impressive and was able to guide us through a very complicated process. I will definitely be recommending her services to anyone who needs a lawyer since she goes above and beyond to make sure that the whole process is successful. Thank you again for everything!

G C.

Not only was Susan very knowledgable and dedicated, she was also very flexible and constantly working for her clients. She would almost immediately respond to any inquiry or communication and never left us hanging for a response. She helped us prepare, thoroughly to the point that there was a 0% chance of failure. In the end, that is for your own good and she understands that. A true master of her craft, would absolutely recommend. Lastly not grimey at all, many many lawyers will sell you their service, and often condenscending, even when they're clearly not even rich. Not Susan. She was respectful and helpful throughout.

Bernice S.

Susan is a heaven sent for me! She made sure everything was complete and accurate before submitting all my documents. She is very thorough and always by the book so that there are no room for mistakes. She is very knowledgable about citizenship and immigration process. I highly recommend her.

Nicholas W.

Susan Han is one of the best immigration lawyers that I have ever dealt with, very professional and always on top of everything. Before dealing with Susan I had a case pending with immigration for a over a year and within a couple of months I got my green card. She is simply magnificent and worth every penny spent

Maira N.

I don't even know where to start, Ms. Susan is simply amazing. Yesterday I received my green card which I waited for so long. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I know finding a lawyer is a hard thing to do nowadays but I will and had recommend her to my friends. She goes to the point, prepares you, keeps you updated, no lies, no fake fairy tales. She is the best!

Mounia T.

Excellent lawyer. Kind person I would very strongly recommend Susan han .I felt confident in ms Susan counsel. She quickly understood the complexity of my case and come up with option to deal with it .she helped make my process of becoming an American citizens and to remove the condition on my green card She is highly capable.highly experienced immigration attorney .and I had a great experience with her

Kuma C.

Susan Han is an excellent immigration attorney! I received her name from a colleague who went through the process of AOS. Ms. Han is very thorough and selective over the cases she will take. I respect that and it shows she has integrity and cares about her clients. It isn't just about money! My wife and I signed the paperwork for the AOS circa 10/2/19 so everything would be in prior to the new laws taking effect. Ms. Han stressed this in the beginning so we made sure we did our part. Ms. Han also held up her end of the agreement and had our paperwork in prior to the deadline. Over the next few months she kept us in the loop of any updates to include the work authorization and request for additional information (long form birth certificate). It was because of Ms. Han's diligence and and dedication to her clients that our process went so smooth! We originally had an interview date at the end of March 2020 but it was canceled due to covid. Again, Ms. Han kept us in the loop. Ms. Han set up a time for us to complete a mach interview so we knew what we needed to work on for the real interview and it surely paid off. We were extremely prepared for whatever would come our way. Our new interview was at the end of September 2020. Lasting about 20 minutes, at the end our immigration officer advised we were approved, gave us the approval letter and advised my wife's card would be arriving in the mail shortly! Ms. Han is fully aware of how the system works and shares it with her clients. If you listen to and do everything she suggest, you too could have a positive experience with the immigration process! I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about going through the immigration process to consult with The Law Office of Susan Han prior to trying to do it yourself or hiring a different attorney. Thank you Susan! We know you worked tirelessly during the process and my wife and I greatly appreciate it!!

SJ. L.

Just got my green card today! Susan has been a tremendous help during my green card application process. She is efficient and very professional. She always answered my questions and provided me help promptly. With her help, I was able to obtain my green card within 8 months. Thanks!

Kelly W.

Susan, we cannot thank you enough for all your help in getting our spousal visa (IR1) approved. Susan was always on hand to answer any questions we had (whether silly or not), extremely thorough in making sure all our documentation was together and ready for each step of the process, and her help, knowledge & advice always put us at ease. From starting the visa process to arriving in the States, it took about 10-11 months in total, much quicker than we’d imagined and we know that if we’d tried to do everything ourselves, it would have taken much longer. I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you need any help getting your visa. Thank you again Susan, from the bottom of our hearts; you’re an absolute gem! 😃

Anh T.

Mrs. Han’s work and knowledge have impressed me since day ONE. Mrs. Han started taking care of my parents cases in May 2019. In the past 2 years, she always stayed on top of the cases and guided me through the rough journey due to the pandemic. I am so glad that I came to her office that day to ask for her help. Trust me! She literally will walk with you till the end of the journey. You will for sure be in her good hands.

April MN.

Aside from being very detailed and thorough with the whole process what I really appreciate about Susan is her being able to provide immediate feedback on all of my queries, either emails or callbacks. She also makes it a point to help us understand why she needs more information and in fact It’s probably the reason why our visa was processed and approved sooner than what we expected.

Sami K.

Susan's knowledge and council on ever changing laws with regard to immigration, citizenship and travel was extremely helpful, not just for me as an individual but also in the context of family relationships. She has genuine care and interest in the well being of her clients and their families, and she recommended a course of action that was specific to our unique circumstance. I give Susan Han my highest recommendation, without reservation.

Amy P.

Susan successfully helped me with a complicated change of status VISA. She was fantastic from start to finish. She really cares about her clients and is very detail oriented and methodical. She was very responsive and knowledgeable, I highly recommend her!

Darrell L.

Susan was the second attorney I had handling my green card application and the difference between her and the first attorney was as clear as night and day. Susan was extremely diligent, professional and supportive. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

liz K.

It was quite a great and stress free experience being represented by Susan Han to petition for a family member. She is very experienced and up to date with the immigration laws and does her due diligence to inform her clients throughout the process. I would recommend her to Everyone needing immigration help.

H M.

I highly recommended Susan as an immigration attorney. She is very thorough and knowledgeable about the immigration process. She followed up regularly and made sure I was in the loop every step along the way. She was able to get me approval for my EAD, which I had been been delayed for almost a year because of bad advice and mistakes made on my application by my previous attorney and also got my green card application moving forward. Two thumbs up!

Rene G.

Mrs Susan has helped us alot in our immigration process, she does a lot of research and she knows the law in her palms. She helped me challenged the USCIS with evidence that I have been a citizen by law and was never aware. She might request lots of documents but it's to back you up. I will recommend her to every one with immigration issues. You will be as happy as I am right now.

Frederick T.

Susan was thorough and knowledge. Most importantly, she is a lawyer who truly cares for her clients’ success. She was very transparent about the process and she set an honest expectation up front. Our application process went smoothly and we are pleased that Susan made it less stressful for us! Thank you!

Robert J.

Susan was so helpful with getting our case approved. She is thorough and takes her time to explain any questions you may have. We couldn’t be more happy with her and our results and we look forward to working with her again in the future. Thanks!

Angela O.

I absolutely love Susan Han! shes a great immigration lawyer who goes through lengths to make sure everything you need for the process is being provided. she reviews your documents thoroughly and is able to address any issue that might evolve. i honestly have not met a lawyer this genuine and dedicated to her work. i definitely recommend her.

Hunnain A.

I had a great experience from Susan. She was recommended to me from a friend and after alot of appointments with many attorneys, I found the right one. My case was handled by her very smoothly and I got my status changed successfully. She is very picky with her work, comply with her and you'll get the job done perfectly. I thank alot to her work and everything. Strongly recommend!!

Junior J.

I wanted to file for my citizenship and I was unsure about the process and possible outcome based on my personal situation. I wanted to find a lawyer who was a professional who was good at what they do but at the same time have a human touch. I think Susan displayed both attributes . She seemed genuinely concerned about person she is representing and the process. She was very professional and pleasant to work with and I would definitely recommend her and use her again if I need another immigration layer.

Brandon D.

My wife and i have been with Susan since May of 2019. We sought her help with getting my wife her US visa. Even during covid she stayed in contact and never stopped working for us. She has always been available if we had any questions phone or email. We will stay using Susan for any and everything having to do with our visa/green card needs.

Donnel L.

Great service, she was very attentive, I got my citizenship in one sitting. Definitely go to her for all immigration needs.

Sanghyun H.

I have received the best service and care from Susan while my wife and I have been working on our green card case. Susan has top-level expertise on this area; she knows and understands the entire process very-well, asks what to prepare in the timely manner, and make it done as soon as possible. Don't need to mention she double/triple-checks each step not to make an error. For my side, if someone asks help regarding the immigration process, I would say the secret sauce is Susan!

Mrs. Blanding

Wish Google had more than 5 stars rating. Ms. Susan is the excellent lawyer. I had filed by N-400 through her. I strongly, strongly recommend her. Let me put it this way, she went above and beyond for me, I just Thank God, She was my lawyer. Dealing with immigration can make anyone nervous, but she handled my case awesome. The prices were good, and service excellent.

Yuna P.

Working with Susan was an absolute pleasure. She is very professional and straightforward in her requests. Do what Susan asks you to do. You will have no issues 🙂

Elsa R.

Susan Han was very professional, kind and upfront regarding our case. She explained everything thoroughly and prepared us for the worst yet pushed for the best. She was very knowledgeable and informative regarding changes in immigration processing and changes under our current administration. We had timelines and to do lists that made our case run smoothly.

Laura D.

Working with Susan has been nothing but a pleasure. She handled everything from start to finish and made a complicated process very smooth. Susan is very detail and organized and if you are going through the immigration process I would highly recommend looking no further. My husband and I are grateful for everything she has done. Once again thank you Susan!

Alicia D.

Working with Susan has been wonderful! She is very personal and very thorough. She was referreed to us by a friend. She made a very tedious process much smoother by helping us through each step of the green card application. She even went with us to the interview with our case officer! Very thankful we chose to work with Susan, couldn't have done it without her!

S. Michael B. , II

Getting a lawyer who is very accessible, responsive and an effective communicator isn't something quite easy - at least for my search until I got in touch with Susan. She charges and service are one of the best out there. At the time I also almost giving up on my case - Susan not only give me hope but ensure that the goal on my dependent status was achieved.

Taeho L.

Susan is simply the best! Not only she is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, her ability to quickly respond to various situations is beyond what you can hope for. Helping us with the immigration process during this unprecedented time (covid 19) is a great example. My family and I are very thankful, and we recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Jordania C.

Mrs Susan is an excellent professional. She helped me a lot! Good results! She is the best. She knows exactly what to do and how to get ready to apply for differents type of visas. I will definitely contact her again if I have the chance. She is good with the laws, and she has also a lot of patience and dedication in the process. The results couldn’t be better. 🙏

Ian W.

The only regret we have is that we didn't find Susan earlier and use her from the beginning of the immigration process. She was direct knowledgeable and ultimately helped us achieve a green card for my wife faster than we could have imagined. Even though our situation was more complex than most she knew what to do right from the beginning. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone that is involved in any type of immigration matters.

Nini B.

The immigration process can be confusing and the amount of paperwork needed can be scary. At least that's how it was for me. I did not know where to start, so my husband and I started looking for an attorney! Susan Han made my immigration process easy and clear. She is very thorough, detail oriented, and will tell you exactly what she needs to fill your application. She even worked with a lot of deadlines we had coming up, and went above and beyond our expectations. She really cares about her clients, and is always available! I cannot recommend her enough!


A very hard working lawyer helped me connect with my wife. My interview process was so easy, all we had to do was fill out the paperwork and pay the fees. Ms.Han was very thorough and made sure that everything was done correctly and in a timely fashion. When it was time for me to go to my interview everything went so smooth because of all of Ms.Han's hard work. I would highly recommend hiring Susan Han as your lawyer if you want things done fast and efficiently. Mr. & Mrs.Grant

Mei Lin Lau M.

Susan was incredibly helpful through out this entire process. I swear I would've been lost without her. She's extremely thorough and detail oriented, nothing will get past her. She made everything very simple and easy to follow. She's quick to get back to you via email or phone, she's very accommodating and eager to work with you. We didn't want to go through this process alone and didn't want to risk missing something, Susan was not only helpful but also caring and encouraging through it all. I recommend Susan to anyone who's inquiring about immigration processes.

Daniel C.

After doing a throughout research, we decided to go with Susan Han. She has been absolutely amazing from day one. She took care of us just as if we were her family. Super professional, always on top every detail, constantly communicating with us and making sure everything was right. I highly doubt any lawyer out there would treat you as good as Susan does. I can't stress this enough. Thank you so much Susan!

Carolina P.

After we had an appointment with an awful lawyer who said we should wait because the immigration was taking forever to reply to all the cases, we met Susan and she said she could help us. Our case was very complicated because we had had the interview almost a year ago without any answer, but after 45 days that we've met Susan, I finally got the Green Card. She is a very dedicated professional and an amazing immigration lawyer. Highly recommended.

John Luke T.

We had a great experience working with Susan Han. Our case was a little complicated and we were not getting an answer from USCIS. Susan helped beef up our application which I believed helped us get a favorable answer. Susan has great attention to detail and was very prompt when it came to updating us about our case and finding answers for the questions we had. We definitely recommend her to anyone who is filing a case with the USCIS. She is caring and honest and we are grateful for her helping our family stay together.

Ana K.

My case was very complicated and dicey, but l thank Susan, for her in-depth knowledge of immigration laws and how she helped me go through the whole process successfully. I also commend and thank Susan for her excellent experience in preparing me for my interview. She's a top-notch lawyer and I recommend everyone to use her services.

Amannisa S.

The best lawyer I ever met. My husband filed petition for me in September 2019, and it was approved and I am getting my green card in couple of weeks. We had couple complications during this process but Ms. Susan made is so easy and simple. She know what you need and she works hard for it. She is very organized and confident. I am glad I chose her as my lawyer. I will use her service continuously.

Andrew C.

Susan is an absolutely amazing lawyer to use through the immigration process. She's managed to get me through the green card application successfully and incredibly efficiently. She's made us feel totally prepared for interviews which takes a lot of stress away, she was not only professional but was understanding of the situation we were in and how the political climate related to it. Susan was an absolute godsend to us.

Leslie D.

Susan was great, very knowledgeable and diligent. She was very through with the evidence process and made sure I had everything I needed when I went to the interview. It was a nerve-wracking time waiting to hear back but I honestly was quite confident that I had all the necessary supporting documents. I felt very prepared for the interview process. I would totally recommend Susan.

Amit M.

Excellent Attorney!! Susan Han is very accountable, super detailed, has a lot of experience, and gives more time and attention to the case as needed, (hard to find an attorney that has all these qualities). I am glad Susan Han was my immigration lawyer for my case. Update - getting services for Susan for the second time and same experience. She would text , email and call you to make sure your papers are in order. No other attorney does that. I have dealt with many in past. Most get irritated on even the fact they got a call and been asked a question that is outside completing a standard form ( which anyone can complete on their own). Wish I would had known her 15 years back and used her services throughout.

Josell E.

I found attorney Susan Han through google search and I am so glad that I have found her. With her excellent knowledge of immigration law, through the COVID19 pandemic, my wife and I can finally be together. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, a great communicator, and truly represents the best interests of her clients. Besides being an outstanding professional, she also has a very nice personality, and it’s simply a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Susan, blessings to you and your family. Jerett&Josell

Trang N.

If you are looking for a trustful, careful, and responsible lawyer for your case, Susan is the best one. She took very high responsibility on my case, and she knew what we needed to make everything go smoothly, so I just needed 6 months to have my greencard in hand. One more time, if I need a lawyer, I will contact her. Ms. Susan, thank you for everything you did for us. We did have a great experience working with you. I am so appreciated. Good luck on your journey.

Alize J.

Susan was so helpful and informative from the beginning of the process that my husband and I began with USCIS. We knew nothing about what to do and she guided us very well, gave us all the information we needed and even informed us on all the do's and dont's regarding the process. She also always responded in an orderly matter and felt like she was there with us every step of the way, even though we are in different parts of the country. We really appreciate her and her great help! We can happily say that we have been approved and everything went smoothly, all thanks to Susan!

Hana Y.

Susan is the most professional and caring immigration lawyer out there. She talked and treated us like we were family and I could tell that she genuinely cared about all of her clients. With her professional advice and guidance I had zero issues with the application process and interview. I wish I could give her another star because 5 stars is not enough!

Jaglu l.

Susan is the best immigration lawyer I ever met. She is very good,kind,responsible,organized and a experienced person. I appreciate her way she does all the paper work even though it was a little complicated.I like her a lot and highly recommend her.

Terry Ann L.

Mrs. Susan is a very good immigration lawyer. She is super knowledgeable about immigration law. very trust worthy, She request lots of documents to make sure the process goes smoothly. Susan goes about and beyond to make sure we were approve and we did, with in a short period of time. She is very pleasant to work with. Thanks so much Susan.

Chucky Z.

Susan Han helped us through our marriage and our green card application from day one. We've surpassed our interview without any issue due to following her plan exactly and being transparent to her. Susan is meticulous, insightful, and affable; she had made the entire process smoothly. We are very satisfied and grateful of Susan's help! Would definitely recommend any family and friends to Susan.

Kathleen S.

Mrs. Susan Han is a very Humble person and the experience, and interaction with her services is exceptional.

Kia S.

I have been running around, visiting multiple offices both private and government attempting to resolve my mother legal issues. I attempted to do it myself but unable to navigate it due to the complexity of the forms. I didn't know what my next steps would be. We visited Ms. Susan Han and her law office. She was first very compassionate and friendly, then even more obvious, she was very professional and knowledgeable. Her process was simple and stress free. After, all we had to do was follow few instructions and we were set!! She also maintained communications with us EVEN during the long wait process letting us know where we are and what was to be expected. I normally don't write reviews even acknowledge surveys but Ms. Susan's law office is definitely worthy of appraise and recommendation

Tony S.

Highly recommended! I first met Susan when I desperately needed to renew my driver’s license. Maryland requires proof of legal residency. I became a citizen as a minor when my parents became naturalized citizens. But I had no proof at all. I had basically zero documentation, except my driver’s license. Susan methodically collected whatever she could use to apply for my Green Card, which appeared magically. Then, she filed a request for my certificate of citizenship, which also came magically. She is professional ,methodical, and certainly knows her way around immigration law. I will be forever thankful! P.S. Susan’s fees are very reasonable!! Tony

Lydia P.

So thankful to Susan! From the beginning she has been very thorough with our case and so helpful in explaining each step. She always keeps us updated and on track. Sooo grateful and thankful that we found Susan!

Rachel H.

Susan is a kind, efficient, and very helpful immigration attorney. She took my case after one phone conversation between us and have given me various kinds of advice to apply for US citizenship and prepare for the interview. My husband and I have been anxious about the process (I751 first and N400 later) as we have some time sensitive issues to take care of. Fortunately, it all went well and it only took about nine months for my citizenship application to be processed. I just attended my citizenship oath ceremony and received my naturalization certificate. We are really relieved and happy. Thanks for Susan's help!!

Erica S.

This was my second lawyer related to my immigration case. Susan was amazing! She was on top of, and informative of all updates and requests sent by uscis. Most importantly, she was meticulous and precise when it can to informing my husband and myself about specific paperwork that should be sent in for my case while under review. Thank you so much Susan!

Audrey Z.

We feel so lucky that we were able to retain Susan for my mom’s green card application. She did a wonderful job and the entire process was very smooth. My mom got her green card very quickly without being requested for an interview! If you are looking for an immigration attorney, I would highly recommend her. Susan is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated, with tremendous experiences. After the initial face-to-face meeting, she gave us a document list tailored for my mom’s application, together with specific and detailed guidelines on how we should prepare these documents along the way. This gave us a lot of confidence and brought down our stress level dramatically. And the package she prepared for us was so strong that the USCIS officer approved my mom’s application without requesting interview. In addition, Susan is extremely diligent, thorough and organized when it comes to all the paperwork. She always triple-checks everything and nothing will get past her. The very first draft application package she presented to us was such a complete and well-organized work. I was so amazed that I could not find even one error in all the forms she prepared for us. This first draft turned ended up to be our final package. Last but not the least, Susan is such a kind and considerate person. She understands your concerns and will do her best to help you with clearly strategies to prepare you for every possible outcome. She almost always immediately responded to our inquiry or communication and never left us hanging for a response, sometimes even out of her working hours. We felt so grateful for her kindness and thoughtfulness. With her extraordinary professionalism, diligence and thoughtfulness, Susan really sets herself apart. I previously retained three other immigration attorneys for my own green card and citizenship applications, and I can truly feel the difference. We found Susan through googling and those internet reviews were so helpful. Therefore, we would also like to share our experience here and hopefully it could help someone else.

Centa L.

Excellent service!!! Susan Han is such a pleasure to work with. She gets right down to business but she also cares for her clients as though we knew each other forever. She always kept me updated on The renewal on my residency card because I’m from Venezuela. I did a lot of research on a lot of lawyers in Maryland and Susan Han just stood out to me and I just had a feeling to go with her and I thank God every day that I did. The process thankfully was quick and easy ( THANK GOD Because I’m a procrastinator and my card was about to expire in like three weeks) she dealt with everything but just kept me informed. If I couldn’t make my appointment with her she would work with me to try to find a solution that works better for me. She is truly The best at what she does and the thing that stood out the most to me and my fiancé was that she cared about informing us and also cared enough to get the process done quickly. Thank you again Susan Han I will be contacting you in the future for my citizenship.

Jerett C.

I found attorney Susan Han through google search and I am so glad that I have found her. With her excellent knowledge of immigration law, through the COVID19 pandemic, my wife and I can finally be together. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, a great communicator, and truly represents the best interests of her clients. Besides being an outstanding professional, she also has a very nice personality, and it’s simply a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Susan, blessings to you and your family.

Ki H.

It was a privilege to work with Susan, as we were the few lucky ones to have Susan take on our case. My husband and I decided to work with Susan after meeting a few other attorneys recommended by friends and family. It was one of the best decisions that led to a conditional green card in a little over 6 months (from submission to acceptance). Considering the complications of our case, it was handled very quickly and smoothly due to her meticulous and thorough work. Just do as she requests and follow the directions in a timely manner and everything else is smooth sailing from then on. Susan is very straight forward and will not take on a case to waste her time or your time and money. My husband and I, highly recommend working with Susan.

Sena A.

Susan is very knowledgeable about the immigration process and constantly keeps you updated on your case and any USCIS policy changes. She ensures all the required information is provided timely and is very responsive. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her services. Simply amazing!!!!

Mrs P.

I’m so happy my husband got Ms. Han as our immigration lawyer. When I first talked to her, I just felt very comfortable, she’s very sincere and kind. She took care of our paperwork and guided us in every step. She answers emails right away. My husband and I only have good things to say about her. We can’t thank her enough! Our visa journey was so smooth, it would have been very different if Ms. Han was not in the picture. We highly recommend her law firm!

Michaela S.

Our experience with Susan was amazing. She is very accessible, and responds to emails and phone calls almost immediately. If you are looking for an affordable law office, that makes everything run smoothly, then you have found it. Susan was a pleasure to work with.


Susan is the best. She is very patient and detail oriented with everybody’s case. She wants the best for her clients. If you are in an F-1 visa filing for change of status through marriage Or whatever I totally recommend her because she makes sures you are the best and follows up with your case . I am happy to have worked with her because I don’t know what else I could have done . Her professionalism and quality is great . Please please, go for her because you will not regret the services you will get . Every process was smooth and easy with her as my attorney . I appreciate you susan and your law firm. You are a beautiful soul and I say thank you for preparing me through all the thickest issues with my case.

Mark C.

Susan was great to work with. We hired her to help us file for adjustment of status and employment authorization document. She does a lot of preparation and is very thorough. She makes sure that we do everything right the first time. Even when she has left the office, she would email or call back to answer our questions. Every update she got from USCIS, she notified us to keep us informed. She is very good at her job and very professional. Highly recommend.

Poornima P.

My husband and I hired Susan Han’s services for my adjustment of status application. We applied in July 2018, and I received my green card in March 2019. It was a very quick and painless process, thanks to Susan. From the very beginning, she was very responsive and made us feel very comfortable by answering all of our questions about the application process. She took the time to understand every little detail about our application, and had us collect lots of evidence for the case. Although it was a lot of work, she made sure we had a strong case and I really appreciated it. What distinguishes Susan from other lawyers that we spoke with is that she completely vets her cases. Instead of taking on every case that comes her way, she focuses her time on clients that she feels will have strong cases and be successful. I am also aware that many larger law firms hand off cases to their paralegals or assistants. Knowing that Susan herself prepared every document for our application really put my mind at ease. I definitely will be returning to Susan for my future immigration applications, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.

Sophia C.

I highly recommend Susan! She is an expert on immigration laws/processes. Susan is also extremely organized and detail oriented. We fully trusted her with my husband’s green card application. Not only is Susan knowledgeable and professional, but she was also very caring. She was fully invested in our case. Every time we had a question or needed anything, she was quick to respond and always made time for us. She made this very stressful process easy for us! We are so thankful that we found Susan. Highly highly recommend!!

I-Hsun W.

It was such a pleasant experience to have Susan as our immigration lawyer to help on my green card application through my husband's petition. She is detail-oriented, thorough, very efficient and caring. Always answer questions promptly. Not only met our unreasonably tight deadlines for preparing and filing our applications, she continues helps us every step along the way even after me and my husband moved across the country after filing. She prepared us so well, that my I-485 was approved on the spot during the interview. Susan makes the daunting immigration process much smoother and easier! I highly recommend Susan for anyone who is looking for an excellent lawyer on their immigration journey.

Vasilios S.

I love that they have the word "Responsive" on this forum. Its an excellent use of wording which describes Attorney Han. Not only responsive; you see Attorney Han is extremely knowledgeable. To attempt to navigate the complexities and fluid nature of immigration law on your own without proper counsel would be unwise. Do everything you can to get attorney Han on your side; hope that she has an opening for your case; if she does, jump on the opportunity to have her on your side. Thanks again Attorney Han...

Miss Traveling L.

Susan Han is an amazing Immigration lawyer. We filed a marriage-based Adjustment of Status application with Susan. Before taking our case, Susan met us for an initial consultation to look at all the original documents and to ask us several questions to establish validity of marriage and understand our case. Susan guided us throughout the whole process with clear instructions on what documents and copies to submit. Before submitting our package, she went over every single page with us to ensure the accuracy of the documentation submitted. Her great experience in immigration law was demonstrated when out case status quickly changed (3 months) to "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled For an Interview" without any RFIEs or RFEs (Request for initial evidence and request for evidence, respectively), which sped up the process! Before the interview, Susan prepared us by having a mock interview over a video call and reminded us what to bring and specific nuances of our field office (directions, protocols, etc.). Our interview went really well, and the immigration officer was extremely satisfied with all the evidence submitted. The case was approved shortly afterwards. We are extremely thankful to Susan's attention to detail and her profound expertise in immigration law! It is also just very nice to work with her -- a true high caliber professional, and we are recommending her office to anyone who wants assistance navigating complex immigration law!

Ana V.

Dear Atty: Susan; I cannot thank you enough for your excellent assistance. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the whole immigration process. I was overwhelmed with your kind support and so happy with the life-changing result. You helped me reached my dream come true to be a Citizen of this beautiful country, U.S.A. Again Thank you so much, I would surely recommend you to people who need help. God Bless you, your family and your team Ana

Angela P.

Choosing Susan as our attorney was the best decision we made during the immigration process. We had a very unique case where the immigration guidelines were not clear per other immigration lawyers; however, Susan was very knowledgeable and knew what steps to take. She was quick to respond to our phone calls and emails. She is very detailed oriented which is needed when sending files to USCIS. Because of her, our bumpy immigration processes went smoothly. Very thankful to her and glad I chose her as my lawyer.

Stephen P.

Susan is exceedingly thorough, hard-working, professional and above all else, she gets the job done. She is so quick to respond to any query you may have throughout the process, which is vital when there are so many aspects to take care of. Her assistance is absolutely priceless, and she has my full recommendation. It has been a pleasure working with her!

Josh K.

Susan was extremely helpful with the Green Card process and we are super glad that we had her representing us. She pays close attention to detail and is very passionate about her work. Susan is always available to answer questions and is consistently up-to-date with current immigration events. We will be using her services again in the future.

Li L.

We were so happy when we heard our green card application was approved. And at the same time we felt we were so lucky to find Susan to be our attorney. As an immigration lawyer, she is so professional, knowledgeable and reliable, and most importantly, she really helped us to go through the process smoothly. She sincerely wants to help people fulfill their dream of immigrating to this country.

Courtney D.

My Husband and I contact Susan back in November of 2019 requesting information about our case. She was not only knowledgeable, she was affordable. When I reached out to other Immigration Law Firms they wanted to charge you $300 for every question you had. Susan was very thorough during the entire process. Her expertise resulted in us fully completing the process successfully! I highly recommend Susan. She was great to work with!

Michael L.

Susan Han helped us greatly with the K1 and adjustment of status immigration processes. They were daunting, but her calm, professional demeanor diminished our anxieties. She carefully walked us through every step of the way and analyzed our information and documents to ensure they were accurate. She was readily available, which was very important when we had to apply for an emergency advance parole. She genuinely cares about her clients and the outcome of the application. I highly recommend Susan Han to anyone who needs assistance with an immigration process.

Akali S.

Susan Han is a diligent lawyer, she is committed to her work and does it with the highest professionalism, does she require a lot of documents? Yes she does but it's all worth it, she helped my family smile as she has being doing for many families. I highly recommend her professional services anytime any day. Thank you Susan.

Ce G.

We would like to thank Susan for helping us in our case. She helped us from the beginning of our application up to preparation for our interview. Very professional and always responsive to our emails, calls and text. I recommend her to everyone who needs help for the immigration!

Ladi K.

Susan Han is a Great Lawyer! She provided the required services, very responsive, updated and handles my cases with utmost professionalism. I'd recommend her everytime. Don't Call Saul. Call Susan Han. 😘👌🏽

Tommy M.

I highly recommend Susan Han for anyone seeking an immigration attorney. My wife and I hired Susan for a our CR1 visa application. The process seemed daunting to us when we began looking into applying for the visa. However, Susan was so knowledgeable and helpful through every step that she greatly reduced the stress of the entire process. She provided us detailed instruction for all documents we needed and made herself available to us whenever we were confused on any matter. Thank you again Susan for all your help!

Williamvanzela W.

Susan is all the above! Good quality, good value, professional and very responsive! That is an exact recipe you need and want in your lawyer who is helping you apply for a Green Card. She was so thorough in every aspect of the process; she helped us ace our applications, preparations and interview, making sure we put our best foot forward. I highly recommend Susan to all who need help with immigration as she is the best of the best in her field.

Wayne P.

My wife and I were so glad to have found Susan. She is meticulous, resourceful, and very competent to help anyone in need of legal assistance. Her prices are reasonable and I really appreciated her attention to detail. We highly recommend her services!!

Brittany B.

Susan was beyond amazing in the green card process for my husband and our family. Through a pandemic which made things longer than usual Susan was professional, helpful, kept me calm and sane and knew all the most updated information. She is precise and knows her stuff. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for us. Made this process better having worked with her! We were ready for whatever was thrown at us. Susan, The Pereira Family thanks you !

Wen X.

Susan is a very nice, responsive lawyer. She helped a lot for my husband's case. Because of her professional and hard work, my husbands green card application was able to processed very successful and fast. We requested her to be present, when we had the interview. She made us feel more relaxed and confident. We are really thankful for her hard work.

Darshana B.

She is one of the best lawyer i ever met. She is very professional, Polite and very helpful. She is available if you have any questions any time. Through my case with all the details. Our interview was very smooth because of she prepared file with all the needed documents. I would highly highly highly recommend her. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. She is the best. Thank you Susan!!!!You are the best!!!!

Sushma N.

I highly recommend Susan Han for anyone who needs a good immigration lawyer. She is incredibly thorough in preparing the paperwork. Our application went through without a hitch and Susan promptly dealt with any inquiries from USCIS. She is very knowledgeable about the process and also patiently answered all our questions. She always promptly responded to all our emails and text messages. She completely understands how stressful this process can be and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

Pol M.

Choosing Susan to help us with our case was the best decision we could have made. She's an absolute professional who is thorough, detail oriented and well versed in family based immigration. She helped us from the very beginning when everything seemed so daunting all the way to successful completion of our adjustment of status. Follow her instructions, she knows what she is talking about. All these positive reviews is why we contacted her in the first place and we are so extremely thankful and happy to now be another couple whose life she has changed for the better leaving another positive review. Thank you so much Susan

ThatChic A.

Susan Han is one of the best if not the best immigration lawyer! She is very professional and genuinely cares about her clients.Her knowledge about the USCIS laws and her attention to detail is impeccable. She is very thorough with the application but it pays off in the end because my marriage based green card was approved ON THE SPOT! If you are in search for an immigration lawyer, look no further Susan will work with you until the very end. Thanks again Susan it was a pleasure working with you!

Jessica A.

Susan Han is an amazing immigration attorney. Every single penny that we paid for her services has been WELL worth it, in order to prepare me for my application and interview. We recommend her to anyone looking for a hard working, well versed American immigration lawyer. Super attentive, professional and very quickly responds to email inquiries and phone calls daily - even on weekends and holidays! Thanks so much Susan!

Trudyann G.

My Daughter and I needed a professional lawyer, with knowledgeable expertise. Who could help us with the process of becoming a U S citizen. So one of our family member told us about Ms Susan. We contacted her and she told us what to do. We followed every instruction that she gave us, and so everything went through smoothly. It was a stress free task. She would informed us if there was any new information. She answered our calls, texts and emails right away. She goes above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied. We passed our interview on March 2, 2021 and was sworn in, and got our naturalization certificate the same day. We informed Ms Susan about our victory, and she celebrated with us, as if it was she who got the certificate. She is a very caring and compassionate person. She takes interest in her clients needs. She is by far the best immigration lawyer in the USA. If you ever need a professional and supportive lawyer, to represent or assist you, with your immigration process/ needs. Susan Han is the person to contact. She will get the job done in a timely manner, and you get results. Thank you Ms Susan for representing us.

Benjamin G.

From the moment my wife and I met Susan, we knew we were in good hands. Her compassion and responsiveness were readily apparent and her attention to detail in filing made the immigration process a breeze. I would (and have) recommend her to some of my closest friends and relatives, as I believe she is the best in the industry. If you are attempting to navigate the often confusing world of immigration and are in need of help, please do yourself a favor and reach out to Susan Han, you'll be glad you did.

Frank P.

Susan is simply the best immigration lawyer you could ever have on your case. I talked to many lawyers before I talked to Susan and I knew when I talked to her that I was talking to a lawyer that was a step above the rest. She is so thorough and compassionate at the same time and I knew I was in good hands from the beginning. My wife had her interview at the US embassy in Manila this morning and was approved in 5 minutes. All of her paperwork was in order thanks to this law firm. If your looking for an immigration lawyer and you are nervous about getting it rite like I was please trust me that Susan Han is the rite one to choose. I would say with complete certainty that Susan Han is the best immigration lawyer you will find. My hope is that anybody that feels nervous about this process finds this law firm like Reina and I did because I know that they will be in good hands and will be treated with compassion and respect through their immigration journey. Frank Pomponi

Ana A.

Susan does an excellent work! She is professional, meticulous, efficient and constantly informed about USCIS laws. She is also very caring about her clients and passionate! I am so happy I chose her to help me obtain my green card. Changes took place along my process, but Susan was informed about the current immigration laws and she adapted the situation! The case went smoothly because she prepared everything in details! Susan is responsive. I was always impressed how fast she would answer my emails and calls. Amazing attorney and amazing person! Thank you again Susan, I don't have words to describe how happy I am that you helped me stay in USA and continue my life here.

Ashley P.

Working with Susan was such an easy process! Initially going into the status adjustment for my husband I was nervous about the process. Susan was very thorough in what was expected of us, very detailed in her lists of documents we needed to provide, always on top of things in a timely manner, explained everything in detail so there was no confusion and was extremely pleasant through the entire experience. After completing our interview for the status adjustment I was able to see how much documentation she helped us provide and in turn we were overly prepared and the officer interviewing us was impressed by our preparedness. She is alongside you every step of the way and is equally excited for you when you receive any type of good news in your process. I highly recommend Susan for all of your immigration needs, she is worth every single penny!!

Steve L.

Susan was excellent. Our case was unique. My wife returned her green card about 15 years ago. This was our second application for a green card. We received an approval of the I130 at a U.S embassy in Asia several years ago and applied for the I485 in the U.S. Very complex situation. I had also applied for the 1st green card myself without an attorney, so I've been through the process. Given the immigration laws today, I highly recommend Susan. With Susan, you are dealing directly with her, not through a paralegal. She is VERY responsive which relives much of the stress associated with this process. She coveys confident which is very assuring. You will need to do your part and provide all documents and follow her instructions. Having work with many attorneys in the business world and vetted several immigration lawyers, I highly recommend Susan.

Chelsea K.

We are so happy we chose to work with Susan Han! My husband and I needed assistance with his adjustment status and she made the process so easy. We started this journey in the midst of COVID and it could have been a very stressful time. However, Susan made this experience for us trouble free and simple. She was so clear cut & responsive with all of our questions we would throw at her and kept us up to date with all of the USCIS policies changes that came up. She is very thorough and detail oriented. Going into our interview, we felt very confident due to Susan reviewing what to expect at every step of the way and how much documentation she helped us to provide to make our case so solid. We are forever grateful for her!! I highly recommend Susan Han for any and all of your immigration needs!

Liz T.

Susan Han is very professional at what she does. She has helped me throughout my naturalization process and made sure I had all the documents I needed for my application and interview. I applied April of 2022 and my interview was today. I just passed my interview and will go back for the oath ceremony in a couple of days.


Ms. Susan is the best Lawyer for immigration attorney that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She went above and beyond for my case. I would definitely recommend The Law office of Susan Han to anyone in need of an attorney!

Ashis D.

We hired Susan for our EB I-485 application. From the outset, she was very professional and thorough in her approach. She is very meticulous in her review and spends an enormous amount of time reviewing documents herself for clarity, consistency, and relevance. Susan was able to file our case by the date she committed. Additionally, she was very communicative (always responsive via email and phone) while we waited to hear about the approval. Due to her rigorous review and accurate filing, our application was approved in one go without any questions. True to all other Google reviews (that's how we learned about her!), we highly recommend Susan.

Simple U.

I highly recommend Susan Han for several aspects. She is very professional, organized, flexible and understanding. She made the entire process stress free while during this unpredictable pandemic. I would also like to point out that our interview was well relax for both parties ( officer and my spouse and I) because Susan requested all documentation in the beginning of the preparation stage and had everything well organized before it was deliver to the officer interviewing us. Susan is an amazing attorney whom ensure to educate her clients of their rights and the entire green card process. She is always up to date on the latest immigration law/regulations. Again thank you Susan for being such an incredible attorney. Respectfully, Goodlitt Family

Keila L.

Susan Han did an exceptional job for our immigration case. From the moment we first contacted Susan we knew we were in good hands. Her professionalism and attention to details was instrumental in moving this case along. Susan dots every I and crosses every T. She would stay in contact with you throughout the entire process. Susan would contact the USCIS if the case was not moving or seem to stall at different times during our process. She stayed in contact with us and answered all our questions through the entire process. When we walked into the interview with Susan by our side, we felt very comfortable and at ease. When they called our name to be interviewed, I was astonished at the professional relationship she has with the interviewing officers. I knew at that time that the interview would go very smooth with Susan setting right behind us if we needed her. During our interview I noticed Susan taking many notes when the interviewing officer was speaking. This tells me she is working your case to the very end. Thank you so much Susan Han. You did an amazing job.

Djeni S.

Susan has helped my husband and me through our adjustment of status proceedings. She was very strict when it came to paperwork and evidence, which can be a lot at times. She wants things done in a particular way that 100% pays off in the end. She is experienced and understands USCIS demands. She is very responsive, direct, available, friendly, and very professional. I definitely recommend working with her because she knows and loves her job and will accomplish the task.

Shin Ji L.

Susan’s professionalism and her expertise in the field helped us to remain assured throughout the entire journey of our adjustment of status process. With her thoroughness and preparedness, our application was prepared and extensively reviewed prior to submission. Her top notch work ethic is like none I’ve ever seen or experienced before. I consider myself as very prepared person in most cases, but Susan is in her own league when it comes to preparedness! If it weren't for her, we wouldn't have been able to get approved in such a quick turnaround time. Susan is definitely one of top-tier immigration lawyers and we cannot recommend her and the firm enough. You WILL NOT regret having Susan Han as your legal representative. Thank you so much Susan for all your hard work for the past 11 months, which has come to an end. A big , heartfelt appreciation from both of us and we look forward to having your service again in the near future. Kind regards, Lee Family

Kemal A.

Susan has been my immigration lawyer since 2014. She has successfully guided me through my green card application process from day 1 to the finish line, and she made sure I avoided any mistakes that could have jeopardized the process. I highly recommend Susan Han for her meticulous attention to detail, strong ethics, and positive attitude. It was the smartest move for me to decide to work with her. I believe it will be for you as well.

Ipsa T.

Susan is really helpful. I tried to handle my immigration case myself and after I realized I couldn’t, I reached out to her. She took up my case mid way (which is not very usual) when I was stuck in a RFE (Request For Evidence) process. She immediately took up my work, and sent out the reply ASAP. She’s very responsive and very professional. My case was quickly processed and I got the approval I needed from USCIS. I don’t even live in Maryland and she still helped me. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone out there - you will be in safe hands!

Nathaniel W.

Susan Han is an amazing immigration lawyer! Her dedication, responsiveness, attention to detail, communication, commitment, and time for her clients is exemplary. She has worked on cases for me and family and has successfully helped us, even through difficult circumstances. No matter the type of case, or its complexity, Susan Han will seek to find a solution to it. She goes above and beyond for her clients until she accomplishes their goal. She is definitely good at her job and knows what she is about. Susan Han is not only an excellent lawyer but also has a wonderful personality. She is honest, caring, and encouraging. I have enjoyed working with Susan Han over the years and I cannot recommend her enough!

Susie B.

Susan is very detailed. I think my case wasn’t easy, but Susan made my application and supporting documents perfect. I was nervous on the interview day but the officer who interviewed me said my application is perfect and has more than enough documents. I prepared additional supporting documents but the officer didn’t even need anything else. Thanks to Susan, the interview went so well and easy, I got my green card in my hand. She really cares your case from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend Susan to anybody who needs help any regard of their immigration matters.

Sabrina S.

I would like to express my enormous gratitude for the excellent work done by Susan during my immigration process. Susan was an exceptional and exemplary professional. She had all the attention and dedication from the beginning to the last day of my process. ALWAYS AVAILABLE to answer my questions. Susan, thank you for EVERYTHING. If you are reading the reviews to make a decision about hiring an immigration lawyer, consider yourself LUCKY, you have just found the ideal professional for your process.

Dheeraj M.

Susan is a good attorney to work with. She has been very communicative and guided me well. Having her alongside, my process went smoothly without any issues. She is knowledgeable, concise and prepares one really well for the interview. Highly recommended.

Keyur P.

Ms Susan is an excellent and successful immigration attorney. She has energy and desire to help people. I had a great experience with Susan. She is very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professional. She is always available via email or phone, answers all the questions in details. I recommend her services to all people who need immigration assistance.

Adline G.

Susan is a professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly very caring lawyer. She is always available and responsive. My citizenship application and interview processes went very smoothly. She is highly recommended.

Saif C.

“I want to thank you MS. SUSAN HAN for the professional work and advice I have received from you over the years it's been a long journey, I had no clue how to apply for my wife's immigration case I just went to Google and searched for best immigration lawyer near me and I choose MS.SUSAN HAN as my attorney ,finally me and my wife will be together she cleared her interview at US EMBASSY IN PAKISTAN and will get her visa in 10-12 days and I deeply thank you for that “.We greatly appreciate what you did for me and for my family. Thank you very much for being our lawyer.” GOD bless you in the best possible way amen. And Last but not the least thank you for helping me in my naturalization process.

Chike O.

Excellent immigration lawyer, Susan is well knowledgeable in immigration law, she took her time to explain things to me. Had some DUI issues. She worked on my case, accompanied to my Naturalization interview and in my case it took 3 months from applying to oat taking. I will highly recommend The Law Office of Susan Han.

Randi C.

My husband is from the Dominican Republic and I am from the United States we needed an immigration attorney to assist us in the immigration process for my husband to come to the United States. We went online looking for an immigration attorney and we actually read the reviews on Susan we needed someone that was informative and with experience with the immigration process. We started working with Susan immediately she is the type of attorney that walks you through the process step by step which can be intimidating within itself and overwhelming at times this is why you need an attorney that is experienced in the immigration process to explain to you every process that you're going to go through every step that is needed and that's exactly what Susan did when working with us. If you looking for an attorney that's going to explain everything to you that's going to make the process a lot less stressful this process can be overwhelming and Susan is so good at what she does Susan is the attorney that you want to hire my husband is here the United States with me thanks to Susan and thank you Susan we appreciate all you have done. C

Jonathan S.

My wife and I decided to work with Susan after consulting with her on our immigration needs. Her attention to detail and preparedness was evident along with her knowledge of the process and requirements ensured we had everything required. In addition, she answered all of our questions whenever needed and we would highly recommend Susan to anyone who needs an Immigration attorney

Jordan B.

My husband and I hired Susan to help us with our Greengard application. Though we had been together for over six years before getting married, our situation was a little complicated as he was on a G4 visa (that technically was no longer valid as he moved out of his parents house, who was the reason he had the visa, and had already graduated college). He also had a H1-B visa application open via his employer that we never moved forward with submitting paperwork for because we were naive and procrastinated. Susan is so organized and has an incredible amount of experience. She made everything super easy and we were approved on the spot. The immigration officer said we had a cut and dry application, despite the visa issues, and I attribute a lot of that to Susan! It seems expensive, but compared to others, Susan is very affordable and 100% worth the expense!

Stamatios S.

Susan was able to assist in my wife receiving her visa. It was a difficult process for us because we had a complicated situation. But Susan was able to solve it in a matter of minutes. Susan was also very diligent and meticulous about the level of detail we would provide to ensure there was no delay in the process. Thanks so much for your assistance Susan, it was greatly appreciated.

Jane S.

Paul and I just want to say thank you to Mrs. Susan Han for all of the hard work and dedication on Paul's mom immigration case. We worked successfully with Ms. Susan in getting her petitioned to USA. It was a lot of documents needed but Susan had made it as easy as possible for us. She is very honest, responsive and kind. Every step of the way she was very optimistic but she also made sure we understood the process and any possible outcome which we truly appreciate. We just can’t say enough about how much of a difference you made for us and how grateful we are for all of your hard work and dedication. Mother in law is coming right before Christmas! Thank you for making this happen!! We highly recommend her. She is amazing!!

Natty J.

I’m happy that I decided to use Susan Han as my attorney. After doing some research, calling different attorneys she was the best option. She was very friendly and responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. She is reasonable priced compared to the other prices that I received. This process can be very tedious but she’ll always be there to assist you and point you in the right direction. She’s very professional and meticulous so be assured that when your file is sent to USCIS you shouldn’t have any problems. I would definitely recommend Ms Susan Han to anyone who’s looking for an immigration lawyer.

Jose R.

Thanks to her advise me and my wife successfully obtained the desired outcome in a recent migratory petition. She is extremely thorough and detailed oriented, very good at managing expectations and delivering by the promised date. She is very responsive, straightforward, candid, and easy to work with. I would recommend her services to my friends and family; and I plan to retain her services again in the near future.

Bernadeta K.

Me and my husband were very fortunate to hire Susan Han as our immigration lawyer. She has impressed us with the top most level professionalism, knowledge, very detailed. She went through with us on the whole filling process, she made sure all the documents were intact, she was great with communication and feedback and follow up. We strongly recommend Susan Hun for your future immigration fillings. You will be at ease and never regret. Thank You Susan HAN.

Guangbin L.

We were lucky to have Susan to help with our immigration case. She is extremely professional and responsive. Most importantly, she really care her clients and gave us a lot of great suggestions. It was not surprised at all that we get a clear approval without any REF. I would like to also add one more detail that when we received the approval notice, she was even happier and more excited than us :). We will definitely recommend her if you are looking for a reliable lawyer to prepare your case

Muhammad K.

Susan is a professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly very caring lawyer. She is always available and responsive. My citizenship application and interview processes went very smoothly. She is highly recommended

Adline G.

Susan is a professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly very caring lawyer. She is always available and responsive. My citizenship application and interview processes went very smoothly. She is highly recommended