visasAs an experienced immigration lawyer, Susan Han understands that whether you are a citizen by birth, a naturalized citizen, or a green card holder, keeping your family together is a priority for you. This is why Ms. Han has made it a focal point of her practice to offer immigration visa services that help unite families.

Ms. Han also knows that gaining employment in the U.S. can be the first step in starting a new life for you and your family. If you are an employer trying to get a work visa for an employee who is a foreign national, or an individual who has been hired by a U.S. company and is trying to navigate the complicated waters of immigration visas, Ms. Han can help.

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Immigrant Visas for Spouses

If you are an American citizen or lawful permanent resident, and your husband or wife is a foreign national, they are eligible for one of several immigrant visas.

There are two main types of visas available. The first of these is the “conditional resident” spouse visa (CR-1), and the second is the “immediate relative” spouse visa (IR-1). 

CR-1 Visas

Foreign spouses will receive a CR-1 visa if they have been married for less than two years. 

IR-1 Visas

If you have been married for more than two years, a spouse who is a foreign national will receive an IR-1 visa. The main difference between the IR-1 and CR-1 visas is that while the CR-1 is conditional, the holder of an IR-1 visa is given unconditional permanent resident status.

Immigrant Visas for Family Members

There is a range of visa options for family members of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents of the U.S. who wish to immigrate. There are generally split into two categories:

Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas

In addition to the IR-1 visa discussed above, which is for a spouse, other types of immediate relative visas include:

  • IR-2 visas – for unmarried children (under 21) of a U.S. citizen
  • IR-3 visas – for an orphan adopted abroad by a U.S. citizen
  • IR-4 visas – for an orphan who is to be adopted by a U.S. citizen
  • IR-5 visas – for the parent of a U.S. citizen who is over the age of 21

Family Preference Immigrant Visas

This category of visa is for specific, more distant family relationships with a U.S. citizen and a few relationships with permanent legal residents. Unlike immediate relative immigrant visas, only a limited number of family preference immigrant visas are issued every year.

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Immigrant Visas for Employment

We also work with U.S. employers and foreign-born employees to help them sponsor and acquire employment-based (“EB”) immigrant visas. These include the following, separated by order of preference:

  • EB-1 visas – First Preference
    • Persons with extraordinary ability
    • outstanding professors and researchers
    • multinational managers or executives
  • EB-2 visas – Second Preference
    • Professionals holding advanced degrees
    • Persons of exceptional ability
  • EB-3 visas – Third Preference
    • Skilled workers
    • Professionals
    • Unskilled/other workers

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